Irene Arnold

I feel that the Lord is saying He is releasing a new sound to the earth, but it is a familiar sound to those who have been crying out and standing up for righteousness. It is a sound to which His watchmen will quickly respond as it begins to grow louder and louder. The roar of the Lion of Judah is taking on a specific pitch that will call many to attention and cause others to run and hide. 


The unveiling of Jesus is beginning to be manifested in a new way to His Ekklesia. The bowls of intercession are piling up and beginning to overlook. They will soon be tipped over as prayers both past and present are being answered in ways that will bring God the glory due Him. 


"Watchmen, to attention: You must keep your eyes focused on ME. I am soon to open your spiritual eyes to be able to perceive the new thing I am doing. New anointing are being released. Don't be afraid to step out in new ways. I am calling each of you to new adventures that will be guided and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to trust Me to equip you for service in ways that are out of your comfort zone and often out of your natural understanding?

Remember, I never send unless I equip. It will be My strength that will sustain and energize you for the mission ahead. 

2021 will not be a year of lockdown, but it will be a year of walking in freedom and victory as My Name is exactly from the White House and throughout the land."

Ambie Watson


A liminal space, such as a parking lot or airport, is a transitional space as people move from one location to a new destination. 2020 has been a liminal space for many people. 2021 will bring the “what’s next” or new destination for the corporate body and individually. A few weeks ago during worship, I saw a cloud hovering over the congregation. In Exodus, we read that God lead the children of Israel for 40 years by the pillar of a cloud. I believe this cloud hovering over the congregation is a symbol that God is pouring His glory out on His people and leading us to the next level.


On March 1 of this year, I had a dream of people sitting at a round table praying in the Spirit. There was a flash of light that illuminated the room and instantly you could see scripture light up on the foreheads and chests of the people at the table. Meanwhile, spectators watched around the perimeter of the room, but there was no evidence of the Word on them. I believe God is lining up 2021 to accelerate a download of His Spirit on His people for those who are preparing their hearts and minds to receive. 2020 has been a liminal year of transition as we have prepared our hearts to set us up for what is next for us in the new year. 

Shane Watson

When I began praying about 2021 at WFA a few weeks ago, the first thing that I began to feel the spirit speaking to me was about a bridge.  In the natural, I immediately thought of a bridge you drive on with a car, but as I began to pray more into it, I began to see that it was a smaller bridge -one you walk across.  On one side, I saw a darker, foggier place.  The fog seemed to cover the first half of the bridge, so you'd have to walk out onto this long bridge in the fog onto what seemed to be a shaky bridge if you wanted to see what was on the other side.  But the further you walked across the bridge, the less fog was there, so that when you reached the other side, the fog was gone, and what I saw on the other side was what seemed to be a more desirable place. 


As I'm praying into this for 2021, I feel like 2020 was the darker, foggier side.  As we walked in faith over the bridge, things may have seemed shaky and we had no idea what was on the other side, our leadership continued to walk in the uncertainty by faith as God led them.  As we reach the other side, we are beginning to see what is ahead of us in 2021 - a place of clarity and new life. I feel that this picture isn't about the natural circumstances going on right now, but the spiritual.  I feel it's also about our perspective and the atmosphere of WFA.  What started out in 2020 as a foggy and uncertain time has changed as we've walked in faith.  As we near the end of 2020, the atmosphere will change in 2021 towards a place of clarity to see things in the spiritual as He sees them.  We will see new life in situations that we thought were dead, and we will feel what will seem like new breath, both in worship and word.  



Dorothea Boatright


As I was praying, I saw a garden that looked taken care of but throughout the garden there were plants that at first glance looked in bad shape. The leaves were discolored, some had even been eaten by insects. For someone like me, who doesn’t have a green thumb, the plants could have easily been thought to be dead or on the verge of death. But suddenly in this vision I saw a hand reach down into the garden and begin to pull up these “dead” plants. What came out of the ground were beautiful vegetables. Some bigger than I have ever seen. Their colors were so vivid and beautiful.


At that point I felt God saying that 2020 to most may have seemed like a dead season. To the natural eye there was NO growth, in fact many thought there was no hope as life as we knew it quickly changed. But God never once stopped cultivating HIS garden. He never stopped pruning, never stopped removing weeds and never stopped watering the soil. Even when things looked “discolored” He continued to take excellent care of His garden because He knew that something was happening down below the surface. Deeper than anyone could see with the natural eye. 


I believe that 2021 will reveal all that God has been doing - soils have been stirred, weeds have been pulled but the result that is DEEPLY routed in that ground will come forth to reveal that God hasn’t stopped working, even when things didn’t look promising.  2021 will reveal NEW GROWTH.

Angelia Strickland

I saw an older gentleman’s rough, worn calloused, left hand over a partially closed desk drawer. It was as if he were leaned up against the desk with his hand over the drawer. 


The drawer was almost closed but cracked open just enough so that IF his hand weren’t positioned as it was over the drawer, you would be able to see into the drawer.  But purposefully, the man had his hand over that drawer to keep you from seeing the contents. 


Although the hand belonged to an older gentleman, as evidenced by the wrinkles and the hard working calloused hands, it’s not the “age” of the man (or the gender of the person in the vision) that matters. 

This is a lengthy revelation so bare with me... 


The first part addresses the fact we are trying to keep “things” hidden. We tend to want to hide those blemished parts of us that we wouldn’t want others to see. Perhaps it would alter the self-protected, picture-perfect image we may have formed, whether purposely or unassuming. The perfect family, with the perfect job, perfect home, perfect extracurricular activities. And don’t forget our perfect social circle of friends. Perhaps, we are hiding such things from ourselves as  it would even alter the self-image we have playing in our heads of ourselves, our lives, and our families. 


The second part represents the hard & calloused part of ourselves that we have built up around us. We justify such things as our “walls of protection.”Because “this”,  happened to me then I have a right to feel like I do. Think like I do. Act out like I do. Make the choices that I do. Because otherwise, those feelings of disappointment, anger, fear, jealously, etc. would hurt too badly! Misperception = misjustification. 


The third part represents age. How old is the junk we are carrying around? Is it from yesterday? A recent offense from a coworker or even a stranger? Is it from last week when we had cross words with our spouses or our kids? Are we still pondering and brewing on something that happened last year? An innocent misunderstanding? A purposeful act of hurt and betrayal? A heartbreak, loss,  or disappointment that devastated us, and we thought we may have already worked through the pain, regret, or unforgiveness? 

OR PERHAPS....  it’s much older - that deep rooted, generational junk that breached its way through the years via an open door in our families along the way? 


It’s time for us to be real, raw, and honest with ourselves and the Father. It’s time for whatever is hidden in darkness to be brought into the supernatural light so that we can start healing from the inside out. The Father is waiting on us. He knows and sees what is hidden. But there is a deeper level of freedom that comes through being exposed and vulnerable through full deliverance of any and everything that holds us back from walking in the fullness of  freedom that God has for us. 


As in the vision, the man is choosing a posture of false protection and exerting purposed control by placing his body and hand in just the right position so that the contents in that drawer aren’t “seen”. He is choosing to keep it hidden. Often times we choose to Keep “our junk” hidden. The sins. The imperfections. The struggles. The hurt. The heart aches. The brokenness. Whatever our “junk” is, I  can assure you we don’t proudly keep it on display for all to see. We choose to keep our not so perfect lives perfectly hidden. And if we aren’t exactly sure the specific “what” we are dealing with, then we need to ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal what is hidden in the darkness so that complete healing and restoration can begin.


WALLS of false protection! It’s time for you to fall in the name of Jesus! Your cracks and imperfections are being illuminated supernaturally! The imperfect cracks are starting to become bigger.  The false glue that has held those walls together for so long are breaking! Just because you’ve tried to build walls on top of walls when the faulty layers began to crumble doesn’t mean they are meant to stay! They cannot and will not stay in the presence of Jesus! Wall after wall. Layer after layer. The false pretenses. That false layer  of protection. Whatever you try to name it! It’s been man made through self preservation and fear! But They are falling! And the rebuilding and reconstruction of truth that happens after the false sense of protection has been removed, well it is some kind of beautiful! The Raw, unfiltered humility is being refined and restored in the presence and fullness of the Father! The foundation is being rebuilt firmly on the Kingdom of God! It will not be shaken! It will not be broken! It will not crack, break, or fade! 


Stop using the excuse of “my family has always been this way”! It’s time for any and all excuses used to justify family sins, shortcomings, and strongholds to come to an immediate halt in the Name of Jesus! It does not matter if you recognize what the unspoken or spoken family junk and trauma may be, it’s time for it to stop!!! As a child of God, you have access to The Eternal Family that brings freedom from such things! If you want honest and complete healing in Christ, You have the right to ask the Lord to reveal the deep rooted, generational junk in your earthly family so that He may do a work in You so that “all that junk” is exposed and comes to a dead stop in the Name of Jesus! You can choose to make a stand so that you and your seed walk in multi- generational freedom! Just as the Heavenly Father has taken an Eternal stand for you by sending His only Son to the Cross,  you may choose to look to the Heavenly Father and His Promises for complete freedom spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically! Choose to build your life upon His firm foundation so that when the things of this world around you starts shaking, it doesn’t break you! 


Lastly... the enemy wants to find a way to keep the freedoms the Lord has available to His children hidden by his darkness. Satan would never want you or I to know that we can walk in complete wholeness- free spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and physically In Christ. He will absolutely try any measure to keep us separated from walking in the Lord’s plans for us. He will manipulate, deceive, twist, lie, and pervert words, actions,  or circumstances so that road and steps we are to take towards freedom stay dark and hidden. 


But God’s supernatural light always trumps darkness. It always illuminates what is hidden in darkness. It will bring fresh revelation and better understanding of the Father’s truth and plans for us. 


There is a greater level of freedom God is wanting to bring to His Church. His children. His sons and daughters. Even if we have been through some form of deliverance ministry, there is always still room for growth to occur in us until we meet Jesus in Heaven!!! Choose to be vulnerable in allowing what is hidden in darkness to be brought to light. Let His light shine! Let His light shine! Let His light shine! 




Shan Walker

July 8th, 2020


I saw the outline of the United States and out of the center I saw an Eagle rising up. Gripped in the Eagles claws was a banner that read "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!" I could hear the cry going out "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!" as he was flying.The cry sounded like a battle cry.  As the Eagle was flying all across the land he was looking intently at different areas of the United States. He would fly swiftly in whatever direction he was looking and again the cry "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!".

I felt the Lord was saying that we needed to have laser vision like the Eagle. To rise up over all the violence, hate, death, confusion, etc that the devil is sending to distract and confuse. We are to soar above it with our eyes on him and what he wants us to see.There is BATTLE but it will be fought in prayer, hearing from God and staying focused on God. As we do that His Mercy will follow.

I prayed for wisdom and laser vision that we could spread our wings and fulfil our purpose as individuals, a church body and a nation.