A few weeks ago I heard “the ties that bind are being broken”.  I was confused at first because often when we hear “the ties that bind” we think of family or the old hymn that refers to “blest be the ties that bind.” 

However, as I began to pray over this I realized the enemy has strategically been tying ties around us that prevent us from going to the next level in Christ. God is getting ready to break those ties to do a greater work in us. Change is coming as those ties break off and we find a new freedom in Him. 





Waycross First Assembly in 2022 will break the barriers of our four corner land markers. We want be held to just our property, we are going to break down the barriers and reach more people than we have ever before. We are going to reach more people and families than we have before.

 We are going to create ways to bring families back together, bring families closer to God than ever before. We are going to reach people that we have never had the honor of reaching before.

We are going to start a revival from our nursey to our older adults.

People that have never had a relationship with a church or God before we are going to get the chance to plant the seed that hey need to salvation, or have a closer walk with the lord.

 In 2022 Waycross First Assembly is going to get out of our comfort zone and and reach these families in ways that we have never seen or done before.

We are going to be the Way of The Cross.




On December 15, You requested that we ask for insight for 2022.

As always I expected the Lord to speak to me.  Many times this does not happen when I expect. Most often His guidance is heard by me at or near the time of need. (last minute) (maybe this is changing)


What I didn’t expect was to begin to see this specific news almost immediately after Pastor Johnny’s charge to hear from the Lord.  These news articles seriously pricked the Holy Spirit dwelling in me. Pricked so much that I knew there was a message for WFA leaping to the surface.  To be perfectly honest, I, myself, have done some things that seriously pricked the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, but that was for my correction!  This was different.  This is a world wide prick in my spirit.


UN Sculpture Looks a Lot Like the End Times Beast Referred to in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 | CBN News

December 14, 2021


Vet: The United Nations just unveiled a new statue (lawenforcementtoday.com)

December 13, 2021


So, this time, I have had lots of time to distill this feeling. Almost daily I have said “Lord, why does this offend me so deeply and how does it affect you and what are you going to do about it?”  Of course the question was worded differently every day and came from a constantly renewed perspective each day, but the gist of it remained.


From Dec 15 until today Jan 1, 2022 I have nursed this question.  My personal and the world’s drama do continue and I ask “Lord, why does this offend me so deeply and how does it affect you and what are you going to do about it?”.  This has continued for 2 weeks. I do realize that a statue is just a dead composition of some kind of material and has no power, but it is an affront to me anyway. It seems to me that our enemy the devil is once again foolish enough to poke a finger in God’s eye.  He is foolish enough to insult God with an image that he knows is fuel for a holy fire.  


I believe that God is saying to the United Nations of the World! So now you are declaring “This is the Guardian of your International Peace and Security” ???  What power do you think this stone statue holds?  In the coming days I will teach you some things, and the lesson for many of you will not be so pleasant.  You will have a short time to repent and recognize where to find “Peace and Security”.   It is in Me and in Me alone. However I know that many of you will not listen to reason nor evidence,  but only respond to hard discipline.  I advise that you run to My Church.  Embrace My Body.  Hear My Ekklesia declare the message that is released for THESE days! My message does not change but the ears of the hearer changes over time.  Circumstances will reshape your hearing.  Those of you who are hardened in your heart will not escape to the safety of My Church but you will still ultimately confess me as Lord, Although at that point it will be too late.


For My Church, My Bride, My Body,

I believe that the Lord is saying to the Church at WFA, “Peace and Security already belong to you and I will never remove it! You have gained my favor and I will never remove it!  I will, in this year 2022, send and bring many into the house that you have built for ME. You will see unusual (coincidences) that are not coincidences.  You will meet people (not accidently) but by my divine direction! You will speak for me, words that are now in your spirit but also (words from Me that you never consciously spoke aloud nor thought)  You will be my net for a massive catch of Men and Women and Children who were not seeking Me, until I put YOU in their path. These Men, Women and Children will be compelled by the unexplainable power in you to COME into the Kingdom in these dangerous days.  Do not expect the future to be like the past.  These are NEW days to you that were not unforeseen by Me. You may Trust that I do know what to do AND my doing has begun.  YOU are a part of that process!  A little Trust that you have released in the past has grown big and NOW it will explode in its Power to shift the direction of many eternal Souls that I will place in your path.


“You should know above all else that I still LOVE THE WORLD, but I can no longer tolerate it’s condition”  You will be my hands, my feet, my mouth. Remember, You are no longer of the world, you are only in it”                                  






The word I keep hearing is overcomer and I feel like this is for our church, but it looks different for each individual. Example: Overcoming shame, guilt, grief, hurt, addiction, physical problems, defeat, sickness, fear. 


John 16 verse 33

I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. 






I had been asking the Lord for what He wanted me to hear for myself and the church for next year. As with all of us, the end of the year is busy. We had Christmas with all the family on Christmas eve, so Christmas morning was quiet around our house. I woke up and asked the same question that morning.


This is what I heard…”IT IS TIME TO CIRCLE THE WAGONS”. I am familiar with this term of course, anyone who knows about the settlers heading west would be. But what did God mean? It is not a term I use in my vernacular. There are obvious things that stood out when meditating on what this could mean for us. To circle the wagons is considered a defensive position. A position they would get in as a protection against an attack. Circling has all sides covered from any attacks that might try to come in. The outer part of the circle is for lookouts watching for what is coming. The things that are most important and most threatened were placed inside the circle for better protection and care. This is basically what the settlers did.

In today's business or sports terms, it is bringing like minded people together, who have the same concepts to reach a certain goal. Solidarity is the word that comes to mind. Circling those principles & working together to protect or achieve a certain outcome.


What I felt like God was saying to us is we are in a battle. It is a spiritual battle for our soul and the soul of this  country. We can no longer travel in a straight line…crossing the line here and there. We have to circle up the core biblical truths that we see are being challenged by the enemy. It is not a new battle but it is a more intense one. God wants us to fight for these truths that never change. That is the “circling of the wagons”. God’s word and truths have to be in the center of the circle protected. There is no wavering on this. Another thing is that to form a circle, it takes more than one wagon or person. I believe we will see more working together with different groups of believers. God is bringing His Body together in unity to fight this battle. We need to be open to see where we fit in the circle.  We have all got a part in contending for the truth of Jesus Christ to stay central in our world and in us. We have to be willing to work together. I believe that we have some challenging times ahead but if we stay centered in him we will see great victory!


Act 4:11  

Jesus is “the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone”





There are two separate words. 




Often times when the new calendar year rolls around, we declare “it’s a new year “ or “it’s 

a new season”.   And sometimes we can make that so “common place” even with the right intentions that we forget how powerful those words can be…. But as 2021 ends and 2022 begins, it really is a NEW season for so many. 


As the calendar flips into a new year, transition & changes will take place for many. 

It’s hard to fathom for some. 

It’s like they know change is ahead, yet, there is so much unknown as well. 


It could be new circumstances, new salvations, new rebirths of wandering souls, new relationships, new jobs. It could be a NEW season filled with great excitement, Expectation, and anticipation that is a result from an answer to deep prayer. 


Or it could be the NEW season that people didn’t ask for or want to participate in at all. A byproduct of someone else’s choices or decisions. Nonetheless, it’s a new season for them. 


And then, there is the NEW season where people have been in a drought or facing the Red Sea of despair for weeks, months, or even years with no end in sight. Harsh season after harsh season after harsh season. It doesn’t seem fair at all. They don’t necessarily know breakthrough is coming. BUT in a Heaven’s moment, the OLD transitions into NEW because God says “it’s time”. 


I’m reminded of 1/14/18, when PJ preached a message that included “God can do more in a single second than we can do in a lifetime on our own.” I will never forget that date because it’s my son’s birthday and at the moment, I was going through a tough season. Little did We know what was really around the corner. 


That statement- It’s still on my work wall today. It still speaks to me. As I find my own self in a different “new” season, I revisit those words again because it truly is all about His perfect timing.


So many are pending transition in this very moment . The last month of the year. Some have been waiting and waiting and waiting. And in desperation, they don’t think they can’t hold on any longer or wait any longer for the details they may need to make a major decision in life. They feel like they can’t hold out any longer to experience their breakthroughs. They are worn out and weary. 


But I am reminded God isn’t done. He has the final word. And just as quickly as we can manually flip the calendar from one day to the next, one month to the next, and one year to the next, He can reveal the details needed for the moment. 


He can part the Red Sea Circumstance. 

He can bring clarity and revelation right on time. 

And when it feels like He is flipping our worlds upside down, He may just be righting the wrong. Shifting the ground we stand on so that our footing is correctly placed. 

Standing us in a place that’s His BEST instead of Better. His GREATEST instead of Good. His plans instead of ours. 

New. Change. Transition. It all can be scary, but He is not. 


Isaiah 43:18-21

“But forget all that—

it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.  For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. The wild animals in the fields will thank me,

the jackals and owls, too,

for giving them water in the desert.Yes, I will make rivers in the dry wasteland. so my chosen people can be refreshed. I have made Israel for myself,

and they will someday honor me before the whole world.


Ecc 3:1


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”


Isaiah 55:8-9


“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” 



2. I’ve been seeing a fire hydrant. It’s not completely broken yet not functioning to its full potential. 

The top isn’t freely pouring water with force as wide open as it should. The pressure is off. It’s more of a squirt. There are holes all over this hydrant. Some are generating some flow of water. Others not at all. 


Individually- We cannot move in, flow in, and pour out all that God has for us until we get rid the deep junk clogging up our lives. While Some areas  look like they are thriving to full abilities, other areas are barely generating a flow. Just as we can Be healed in specific areas of our lives, we can be bound up in others. All occurring at the same time. 


There are areas which are Stopped up! Clogged up! With junk, sins, chains, and bondages. Trash that He wants to get rid of. That gunk we try to hold onto, is literally so ugly. But it’s comfortable to us. The enemy has skewed our perception and we see it as pretty… we see it as okay. But it’s not. 


God wants to be able to replace those areas with clear, clean, living streams of Holy Water!  He wants to get to the root of the issues: that clogs our hearts, spirits, bodies, and minds. And Keeps up from being in true relationship with Him. It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! It’s so past time to deal with these issues that are robbing us from true relationship and freedom! 


As we are healed, the broken areas are sealed up and made new. As we deal with each issue or circumstance that’s affecting  how the Spirit flows through us, we will become a new creation in Christ. Able to completely flow to the fullest to our God given abilities. 


Corporately -  the smaller holes on the hydrant represents Individuals within the church body. Until we allow our Individual selves to be transparently and humbly healed and made whole, it will affect the level at which we are able to function as a whole body. It can affect seeing the fruits of all God has for His children and The Church. As you see the leaky areas being healed. Those leaks will seal off because of the Blood of Jesus. 


And as broken areas heal, the Church body as a whole will move in unity to greater levels for the Kingdom… you will see the fullness of the spirit come forth with mighty pressure.  


Just as All parts of our physical Body must be Healthy and Whole for the entire Body to function as God designed it, the same is said for the functioning parts of the Church Body. To truly move and function in unity, each Individual must be completely whole in Christ. 


We must self reflect and reevaluate potential areas within ourselves which need additional healing. So that we are able not only to walk in total freedom ourselves but also minister to others out of our testimonies. When we miss our total healing, there is a chance we miss opportunity to minister to others as well.  God has so much more for us.






This will be a year of expansion (enlargement; growth)

Rapid spiritual growth

Deeper understanding of God’s word

Greater vision – clear vision for 2022


It will be a time for getting into God’s word with ears open and hearts receiving

A mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit with more hunger and more desire to know God and to grow (not just for yourself but for others)


This “Spiritual Expansion” will only come through us seeking God and being obedient; corporately and personally 


I saw a glass container with little tiny beads in it.  I knew what the beads were and what they were used for (their purpose).  I also knew their purpose could not and would not come to be without my help.  They needed water added to them so that they could expand and fill the container and surround whatever I placed in the container.  I needed to pour the water in and keep the beads watered often to where they would not ‘DRY UP’ and fade away.  I have to keep pouring the water in for them to continue to expand and keep the container ‘FULL’ and serve the purpose they were meant to serve.


I believe the Lord is saying HE is the water and I (we) are the container.  He is pouring HIS living water into me (us) if we will do our part and dig deeper and press more into His presence and HIS word and allow HIM to expand us spiritually and overflow to those He places in our paths on a daily basis.



What I kept seeing was a blank white board. I felt the Spirit say that "it's a blank slate", a new start! The white board is like a drawing board for the year. Now we can look at that and be overwhelmed because we remember what last year was like. We can begin to imagine that this year will be the same way faced with hardships, stress and difficulties...before we know it our thoughts and ultimately our decisions will be negative. Or, we can turn our eyes to God, remembering ALL He has done and dreaming BIG as to what 2022 would look like. Using this white board as our VISION board with high hopes of what this upcoming year holds. 


God has big plans for us but He never forces Himself on us. So although His plans may be for us to move out of our comfort zone and be used by Him, if we choose to live in fear and negativity we may never achieve what God has for us (His VISION board) but if we align ourselves with God and being to allow God to move in and through us our VISION Board will align with His. 


The slate is blank - what will we do with it is up to us!