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2023 NEW YEAR 

Prophetic Words

Shane Watson


Typically during the corporate fast, Ambie and I do the Daniel Fast.  This year, we felt that rather than fast certain types of food, we would fast the “scrolling” through social media that typically takes up our “idle time”, and replace that time with additional time to study and seek God.  I’ve really felt a hunger for seeking Him more than I ever have before. While praying for a word for 2023, I’ve found myself praying that our body would have that same feeling of hunger and desperation.  During our January board meeting, as we were praying into the new year, I kept sensing the words “If you seek Me, you will find Me.”  The more we seek Him, the deeper we will go in Him, He wants us to seek Him, and He wants to be found.  His word says that “He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”  Our reward is a deeper relationship with Him.  The more we seek Him, the more we really know Him, which strengthens our faith, deepens our worship, and reveals His power.  I’m praying this over our Church body that we will become genuinely desperate for more of Him, and that the hunger for more of His presence will consume us and that we see the mighty power of God pour over us more and more as we go deeper in Him.




Jason Moye


I sense the Lords encouragement. He has called us to go the distance. Like long distance runners He is strengthening us for the journey ahead. Through Him we will finish strong. Encourage you another. We are all on different legs of this race. 2023 will be a year of finish line victories. 




Dorothea Boatright


The visual picture I got when praying for 2023 was a ball and chain shackled to someone’s ankles. The individual was able to move, however it was limited. I saw the shackle around their ankle being broken and then be able to move freedom OUTSIDE of their normal boundary. 


I felt God saying that this represents many who are “surviving” but aren’t thriving. They are good people who love Him and serve Him yet they are still bound up and cannot freely move into the areas He has for them. 


There are many “ball and chains” that individuals are carrying but the first one that I felt strongly about was unforgiveness. 



Joe Meadows


This is a year of things coming to wholeness and relignment. 

NO weapons forms against us shall prosper. NO circumstances shall have any hold on US, OUR FAMILY, OUR CHURCH, OUR NATION.  But with God all things are possible and the impossible will be made possible. 


Growth is not and will not be in nurmbers, but growth is going to come from within. Our church wil be cupbears to and for God. 




Shan Walker


Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit” says the Lord Almighty.


John 8:12  Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.



I felt like God was asking us a question as we go into 2023. The question was for his Body. It was not a rebuke but more to see if we the church are paying attention. The question came to me during worship one Sunday at the beginning of January. 


This is the question. ‘
“Do you not see My Light has increased, as I said? Open your eyes, my church, and wake up. Have I not exposed evil where you did not know to look? My Light will continue to shine in ever increasing measure, so do not fear! Darkness can not stand against it.”


We ,his people ,are to be light seekers and light spreaders. He is the Light of the world. As His ambassadors, we are to continue to seek Him out and increase the Light of His Spirit in us. As Light spreaders, we are to be aware of the areas where there is no light. Watching for how we can bring His Light into that area and cause a shift from darkness to Light.


John 1:5 “And the Light shines in the darkness: and the darkness can not overcome it” 


God wants us to not look with our natural eyes but to look through the eyes of the Spirit. If we focus only on the natural all we will see is the darkness that has spread in our world. God wants us to look through spiritual eyes and see what He has been doing. He has been shining light in dark places exposing what has been hidden. He is exposing so that His light can shine through and bring change. Who among us would willingly sit in darkness if we saw a light ahead? Be a light bearer! Open up your eyes! Open up your eyes! Others will seek out the light!


The question really is “ Are you awake, are you willing and are you looking to see where you can take My Light?  Do not fear. It can only be done by My Spirit so keep your eyes on me”



Jacob Comer


Make room. As we make room for the Lord to do whatever He desires to do, we will see a move of the Spirit that will align what we’ve been praying come to pass according to God’s timing. 


We need to pray like it’s going to happen tomorrow and we will continue to see lives set free & breakthrough happen.


God’s about to do something that is not traditional. It is more than we expect. Be ready. Growth is coming. Growth is here. Doors are opening.




Angelia Strickland


Ecc 3:11 NLT


“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”


I’ve seen a right hand holding the page of a book for a while now. It’s very specific. It’s turning from right to left as you would if reading a book. The hand is Holding the page at the 90 degree point in the middle of the turn. The hand just stops. Mid turn. Frozen. Yet doesn’t let go of the page.


WHY Are we holding on too tightly? While God is ready for our next chapter to start?


Are we grasping the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” that keeps us in our comfort zones EVEN IF it’s not God’s best for us MUCH LESS what we even want anymore?


What is your WHY to not turning the page to your next chapter of your future! What is your WHY to holding on so tightly to the present, or perhaps even the past?


If we believe in the Author, the Perfecter of our Faith. The One who writes our story from beginning to end, why do we struggle so much in turning the page? Or better yet, taking our hand off the page and letting the Author do what He knows and does best?


He knows the time. He knows the how. He knows the when. He knows the path. He knows the who. He knows the how. He knows the why He knows ALL things. Allow Him to take control and turn the page you are gripping so tightly.


“but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”



Ambie Watson



The more I pray into what the Lord is speaking for the New Year, the more I hear the word “refocus”. A change in direction….  I believe He is speaking “Refocus on Me” instead of simply “Focus on Me” because we are already focused on something else. For you, that could be a job, relationship, self, goals… whatever the case might be for you… It’s time to adjust the lens on your heart so He is in the center again. This requires a change in your habits. He is calling us to be intentional with our time with him. He is calling us to give Him the attention He deserves. He is calling us to give effort in being in His presence beyond Sunday morning by taking the time to REST in HIM and REFOCUS on HIM

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