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2024 NEW YEAR 

Prophetic Words

Paul Walker

His Tone has changed!


Set up for this Word

I can hear myself saying this repeatedly in my lifetime. “Tone changes everything”  This is one of my most strongly held beliefs even if I don’t always guard the tone that I use. The exact same words can have opposite meanings depending on the tone used.  Examples “Yes, Sir” can be obediently or defiantly spoken.  “I need to talk with you soon” can convey eagerness or dread depending on the tone used when spoken. “Have you heard” can indicate concern or desire to gossip simply by the tone and manner of delivery.  Actually tone has many more inflections that these simple either/or examples just given don’t reflect.  Tone can be complex having a variety of meanings. We are created in God’s image.  Just as created humans tones can change… so too the tones that God uses in speaking to us can also change in subtle or dramatic ways!


Stage 1 of hearing

During this week, the day I began to hear this and the surrounding context of thoughts is gone from my memory.  What I do remember —-- His inner voice speaking to me about a 4 alarm fire!  I was not alarmed ….. as in ….He was not calling me to respond in any way yet.  He wanted me to meditate on and study and mull and stew over what is ultimately a 4 alarm fire and what is He wanting me to hear.   I did this!  I looked up definitions of what a 4 alarm fire is exactly.  I didn’t know for sure!  I’m not a fireman. I found out that it is the highest alarm for a fire that requires all personnel regardless of normal duties, it requires all equipment with nothing remaining idle, because it is a situation that if not handled correctly according to the training of those responding could result in disaster. I continued to meditate on this word of instruction from Him to me.


Stage 2 of hearing

Sunday morning prayer time Jan 29 is good, it is productive, we prayed spontaneously for and over topics that the Lord brought to us. Some distance into prayer time the Lord reminded me about His admonition to meditate on “4 alarm fire”.  There is a fireman right in front of me.  Jason Moye!  So I tell the group while looking at Jason about my experience with the Lord wanting me to hear more from Him on this topic. I pointedly ask Jason what is a 4 alarm fire.  He told me pretty much the same factual data that google had told me.  Then I ask Jason.  How do you know what kind of fire you are going to?  How are you notified?  Where do you get your call to action? What does it sound like?  Jason’s answer entered my spirit like an electrically supercharged deep penetration!  “We have tones.  There are different tones.  Each tone has a different designation!  Each unit has it’s own tone. The tones trigger different devices and different actions determined by the urgency of the emergency.  A 4alarm fire tone will be different than other levels of emergencies and it will be sent out to maximize the efficiency to the responders!"  We all in the prayer group sensed that this insight was significant.  Tone is ultimately where the Lord wanted my focus for now.  We ended with prayer for the mornings Worship and Message from Mike Holt to be anointed.




Stage 3 of hearing

The same Sunday morning I enter worship service alive in the Lord’s presence with fresh bread and this progressive word in my spirit and looking for more. Mike Holt brings God’s tone into the message.

All content below is Comments from Mike Holt in his  Message to WFA

It has reached This Season and its brand new and its Fresh.

It’s a fresh stream of life

Watchers and Waders

It is an Appointed time for this church for our life right now

Need to be captivated by Gods word

It is time to go out where it is deeper

Mike gave us the 4 catch phrases that are at the heart of todays message. 1) deeper,      2) because you say so, 3) when they had done so,4) don’t be afraid

2023. Whatever it takes to get into deeper waters with God

Word will arrest you. You will be captivated again by Christ

(1:10-1:15 is exact position in the recorded sermon)  Tone Matters! Right!  It’s not what you said, Its how you said it.

Tone is everything for us sometimes we hear  frustration in tone of people who are speaking to us.  It is  Not frustration in Gods tone. It is kindness and compassion.  When he says so it is good for us.  He may have sternness in his voice but it is because it is good for us.

In his grace and in his tone of voice He is speaking into you what He is going to make you into.



His Tone has Changed

Word of the Lord Jan 27 through Feb 1 to WFA

Ministry opportunity like a 4 alarm fire is coming!  I’m preparing you ahead of time!

You are precious to me! I love you with a never ending love. I will bring ALL of you into your glorious inheritance at the appropriate time. None of you who are given to me will be lost.  In the past, I have been speaking to you and teaching you and you have pleased me.  I have selected this time,  now, beginning in 2023 as a time of promotion.  Not prestigious promotion but powerful promotion, usefulness promotion, kingdom building promotion. I will accelerate and continue to speak to you in a way that you will understand and relate to me as your loving father.

As I have been speaking, some of you have already noticed a change or a shift in my tone.  Yes it’s true that my words have not changed and will not change, but my tone does change as needed to keep my bride, my body,  intact and strong for spiritual battle, and tender for relationship with Me. You are my Bride,  My Tone is changing toward you because the time is nearer to the days that I spoke of through the Prophets concerning times of great change. The Tone change is good for you. 

You know my instructions to always be ready, for you don’t know the hour of my coming.  Your times for urgency have arrived and my tone is a reflection of that urgency. A ministry opportunity with the urgency of a 4 alarm fire is near!

My church, you are now having an increase in your hearing, an increase in your understanding, an increase in your love for the lost, in proportion to the urgency in my tone as I speak into your hearts. I will continue to speak to my mature sons and daughters in this urgent tone that I speak to you now.  You will now RUN and not get tired. This is Harvest time. There is much to accomplish and the timing is critical. Prayers and petitions along with confident faith are the fuel required to accomplish the plans that will deliver victory to You…  my Bride.



In my prayer time I felt the Lord saying He’s releasing a breakers anointing for 2024. What I could see was the church body of WFA and among them many people holding axes who had seen victories in 2023. The axes had been effective but He’s about to empower His body with something greater. What I could see was Him taking our axe and giving us splitting mauls. 


I believe in 2024 we will see people set free from lifelong bondages, chronic illness and new freedom in Christ that they thought they would only experience in Heaven.  





This is been coming back to me time and time again. For the end of 2023 and the New Beginning of 2024. 


Our spiritual journey has been like an old dirt road that is bumpy and has a lot of holes and washouts in it. Just like our Spiritual journey , it’s like we have been tossed around , been stuck in the mud, and sometimes it’s been like a washboard dirt road just a lot of bumps and when you keep traveling down this road thigs get  worn out. Sometimes you just can’t put grease on it, or more air in the tires.


In 2024 I see that old dirt road take shape and be as smooth as a glass and safe for everyone.

First we have to grade the road and get it smooth, then we have to add dirt where the holes are to make the road even. Then we have to add gutters on the side so that the road want hold water it will drain and keep the road safe. Then we put down fresh and smooth asphalt over the dirt, now we paint lines down the middle and on the sides to keep us from getting off the road.

Now we have an old washboard dirt road that would cause us trouble every day and in any season that we were in.


But now God has turned that old dirt road into a smooth way of traveling back and forth. He took out what we would avoid and made it as smooth as glass.  God is going to use that same dirt road that and turn it into ways of opening up many doors for WFA in 20204, now we have a safe way of getting to and from. This smooth paved road is going to bring in the lost, the ones that need a home, and the ones that need a place of refuge from the storm. We are going to see the fruits of his labor in ways that are not in the ordinary that are going to be outside the box. But they are going to be on a smooth paved road that leads to a place that we can all call home. 


BE READY!!!!!!!




Breakthrough is coming. But are you prepared and ready to do YOUR part? 

As I was singing and pondering on Praising the Lord in all seasons,  I saw a vision of numerous people pushing against a big concrete bolder with various thicknesses. 


It’s like they are waiting on a few more people to step in to get it moved. Standing from a distance it’s like I can see “Just another push  will move the bolder”. I can see the full picture and know that not all people are giving their full potential in effort. It’s easy for me to see because I’m further back. I  have a different view and perspective. 


Those pushing, however, are literally looking inches away or an arm length away from the wall. They can get overwhelmed by what is directly in their view point. Some are giving all they have, BUT others are NOT applying their full potential.


This bolder represents areas of breakthrough (and their own effort in the process) needed in different people’s lives. 


Some are praying and believing and doing all they know to do while faithfully waiting on God to make the final move. 


Others are waiting for God to move but perhaps He is waiting for maturity and growth to elevate in the believer,  so He can do that miracle. 


Others are just nonchalantly waiting, with non existent effort. With a false sense of entitlement, if you will. There is expectation God is supposed to perform the breakthrough without any work of faith on their parts. 


We may not have physically work (like pushing a bolder) for breakthrough to happen. However, “faith without works is dead”. (James 2:17). 


We are to be active in our faith while we wait. Our prayer lives. Our worship. Our actions. Our rest in the Lord. Our expectations God is going to move. Our acts of service for others. Our praise even through the tears. Trust that God’s timing and plans are perfect. 


Some of you are so close to breakthrough. You’re almost there! Don’t give up! Others, you’ve done all you know to do. Now it’s time to wait with expectation. Praise the Lord! For others, it’s time to take an authentic and raw personal inventory - is there anything in me that needs to change so that God CAN move in my life and situation. Ask God to reveal so that growth and maturity can happen. 


“Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?” James 2:22 






The Lord has been speaking to be strongly about the gifts that we have because Jesus’ birth and ultimate sacrifice. The gifts that many have laid aside. It is a season of remembering all that is available to us and taking hold of it. 


What I also saw was a piece of fabric that had been stitched. A person had attempted to fix and conceal an area that had been torn. However the stitching was not correct. You could tell an amateur had done it. Then I saw the threads being removed, the area being exposed again (a big hole) and then someone re-stitching back. This time it was flawless. You couldn’t even tell that there had been a hole in that area. The difference? The seamstress. One was untrained/unqualified, whereas the other knew exactly what they were doing. 


The fabric represents our lives. The first person did their best but didn’t know what they were doing - much like us when WE try to FIX things ourselves. The second was a seamstress and knew what they were doing - this represented God. Exposing the issue but then fixing (bringing healing) to the point that eventually you can’t even tell there was an issue there to begin with. Our role in 2024 is to allow God to do HIS WORK in us and to remove ourselves from the equation - He knows far greater what needs to truly take place so we can come to that place of complete healing in Him. 





Oftentimes when you go to a concert, there is an “opening act”. This group is not well known, but they are still good. The opening act serves to get the audience excited and raises their expectations of what is to come. I believe 2023 has been the opening act of what God is preparing to do in 2024. We have seen miracles; healings, breakthroughs, financial blessings, prodigals coming home… but that’s just the opening act of what HE wants to do. 


However, we can miss out on the “headliner” if we have the mindset of “the opening act was good enough”. We need to shift our mindset to receive what He is offering, no matter what it looks like, because what He has to offer is better than what we can think or imagine. It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and step into the unknown. Trust that He is not finished… He’s just getting started!

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