Shan Walker

July 8th, 2020


I saw the outline of the United States and out of the center I saw an Eagle rising up. Gripped in the Eagles claws was a banner that read "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!" I could hear the cry going out "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!" as he was flying.The cry sounded like a battle cry.  As the Eagle was flying all across the land he was looking intently at different areas of the United States. He would fly swiftly in whatever direction he was looking and again the cry "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!".

I felt the Lord was saying that we needed to have laser vision like the Eagle. To rise up over all the violence, hate, death, confusion, etc that the devil is sending to distract and confuse. We are to soar above it with our eyes on him and what he wants us to see.There is BATTLE but it will be fought in prayer, hearing from God and staying focused on God. As we do that His Mercy will follow.

I prayed for wisdom and laser vision that we could spread our wings and fulfil our purpose as individuals, a church body and a nation.




New Year's Eve Service 

December 31, 2019



The first prophetic word the Lord gave me for WFA was in 1988 or 1989 in the old sanctuary. 

It was from: 

Isa. 60 1-3 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. 2 See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. 3 Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. 

I believe it is for now as well! 

God has continued to impress on me that the words for last year are just the start of what we as a church are to become. We only understand a small part of what Illumination and upgrade means in God’s terms. He will bring more understanding and growth but that is so we can shine for Him.In a recent board meeting, we were praying for the church and over the words God had given us. During that prayer time, this dropped into my spirit: Light is not just illuminating but it is also reflective.

We were talking about the lights being replaced and Pastor commented that they were not bigger but that they were brighter. We talked about illumination and the different aspects of it, then we talked about the Sons of Issachar. The whole time in my head, I am hearing ..It not only illuminates but it also Reflects...there is a reflection. I keep asking for more understanding . The most likely, of course, is to be a reflection of Jesus in the church, community, our life, family ect. But I felt like there was more . 

I looked up the word reflection. There are basically two types of Reflection.
Specular which is a Mirror Like image. Which I believe goes along with the thought we are to mirror Christ as best we can. In this type of reflection we see the person or thing that is represented except in a reversed image but the look is the same. 

Diffuse is when the energy is retained but we do not see the image. When the light strikes the surface it bounces off in all directions due to multiple reflections INSIDE THE MATERIAL it strikes.
One definition said the most common Diffused Light is Lambertian reflection, in which the light is reflected with equal luminance or radiance in ALL DIRECTIONS. I felt like this is how the Glory works.. we have the Holy Spirit in us. We can not see Him but He is there, so His Glory is bouncing off us in all directions the more contact we have with Him. I can see this being part of the Illumination God is releasing to His people. He wants His Glory to Illuminate us so that it bounces off us to all those around us. That we change the atmosphere, our communities and our nation drawing it back to Him. 

Many times over the years Paul has had part of what God is showing me or confirmation to what God is showing me. It has worked this way for him as well. We were told once by a prophet that Paul may have the beginning and I would have the end or reversed. I say all this to include this dream Paul had when we were at the leadership conference a Christian Renewal in Oct. We both had already been praying about what the Lord had for 2020. 

Paul’s Dream:
It seemed like a very long dream. It was like an old western movie. It seemed as if there was a main character. I don't really have any details about him. The main part of the dream was about a slowly deteriorating, dying town. The name of the town was "DRY GULCH".The town and the town father's struggled for years to try to keep the town alive and to generate prosperity. Central to the plot of the movie was a saloon. The saloon was important to the citizens of the town. It was the heart of the town. However the saloon wasn't prosperous or growing either. The saloon was located in a prime desirable location. The city fathers believed that if they could get rid of the saloon it would be the key to revitalizing the town and creating prosperity. The location of the saloon was an exceptionally important part of the plot of this movie/dream. There was some complex wicked legal manipulation that allowed the town leaders to sell the saloon land out from under the saloon owners. They did it. Afterward the condition of the town became much worse. A great mourning and remorse settled over the town people for what they had allowed to happen. After a time, realization came that the town needed the saloon back. The saloon was rebuilt back in the same location where it had been torn down and the town people all rejoiced and were glad about it and the town began to grow and prosper. 

Dream over Paul 

As soon as he told me about this dream this is what I saw:
At first I thought of our town Waycross. It seems to just maintain, even decrease, instead of grow. I do believe the name DRY GULCH could apply. But as I prayed it through I believe it is the state of not just our town but our county. 

This is what I see:
The plot of satan is to turn this town and every town into a DRY GULCH! 

The Saloon in Westerns was also known as a “Watering Hole”. It is central in this dream. The leadership was convinced that this “ Watering Hole” was the problem. The wicked manipulation by those in leadership is from satan to steal out from under God’s people what is rightfully theirs. 

This is where the illumination and reflection comes in, the PEOPLE of the town realized they need the Saloon(WATERING HOLE) SO THEY BUILT IT BACK! Once the people had the “Watering Hole” rebuilt and in the center of the town then and only then did they prosper and grow. 

Now, I do not know why God used a Saloon as the central place in this dream, but I do believe it was meant as a place of importance in the area..where people gathered and were refreshed.
I see in the dream it is the Church, God’s Watering Hole...where we gather to be refreshed
and taught by his Spirit. Leaders in different areas in our country have tried to make this Watering Hole( the Church) the problem for the condition in our towns and country. I believe God’s PEOPLE are being called to reclaim their WATERING dig new Wells in places that have become “DRY GLUCHS”. God’s Church and His people are not the problem. They are the solutions! 

We are to ILLUMINATE who He is and be a REFLECTION of His Holy Spirit.
God wants us to SHINE, to not be complacent but to take back areas that have been stolen. He wants us to grow, prosper and be an example for Him. 




The Lord spoke the following to me during last song of praise & worship


God sent His son to Redeem!

Man cannot explain that.

Man cannot answer WHY He would do that or even HOW it is possible!

If man could explain and answer the why and the how then we would not need God for anything – we could handle life for ourselves!


During Pastor’s message just a few moments before he was talking about Jesus being born in the stable the Lord spoke the following to my heart:


Jesus was born into a most unpleasant place to deliver me from the most stinking place I could be in!




I saw a lady reaching towards what was a ceiling. She couldn’t see what was above the ceiling. She was “almost THERE” meaning she could almost touch it. She was stretching really hard but it was just out of her reach. This is a two fold word. It doesn’t have to be just for a female. I believe it is for anyone: 1. There May be some of you feeling like you are ready to give up. You have been stretching and reaching, stretching and reaching for so long now. You feel like you’ll never make it. Like you’ll never get there. Whatever your “there” may be - restoration of complete healing, restoration of broken relationships and marriages, restoration of finances. Restoration of salivation as you see The Prodigals coming home. Restoration as you pray & wait for your children come to know Jesus. Whatever your THERE may be - don’t give up and don’t give in to the lies of the enemy. You are almost THERE. You are almost THERE at your level of breakthrough. You are almost THERE to the answers to your prayers. You are almost THERE to the answer of what you’ve been believing for by faith. You are almost THERE to your miracle, sign, and wonder. If you give up stretching, reaching, standing in the gap, and believing by faith ... you won’t see it come to pass. Don’t give up. Keep stretching and reaching towards the Father while you are waiting on your THERE moment to be revealed. He calls us to believe and trust. You keep reaching up because you are about to see it all unfold before your eyes.


For others the ceiling is the mantle of the Lord. You are about to find yourself in a new level of experiencing God. A new level of growth. A new level of anointing. A new level of favor. A new level of freedom. You keep pressing in and reaching up towards heaven because you are on the brink of experiencing something supernatural and amazing -  beyond what you have ever experienced in your walk so far 



There is a palpable and tangible excitement of what’s to come. A shifting in the supernatural. Revival IS coming. A supernatural, radical, signs and wonders type of revival. Will you be “all in” and pressed in- ready to receive ALL that God has for you? Or will you be satisfied with “just getting to Heaven” while missing out on complete freedom in Christ? This word may sound  simple because it’s “short” but it is Oh so very POWERFUL! May  you sense what I am sensing. Ask the Lord for the fire of Heaven that burns from

deep within and quickly becomes contagious! May we turn from the single spark that we see in a natural lantern into a mighty wildfire that roars in the supernatural! 





A few weeks ago God revealed to me about how easily we settle when He’s got more for us. He brought it to my attention in a very tangible way - we were gathering things together for mom’s new place. During the Black Friday sales we were able to snag a 40 inch tv on sale. This was big seeing as her current TV in France was about the size of a laptop screen. Then a couple days later a family member blessed her with a 55 inch tv. As I was sharing this with mom, these words came out of my mouth “You were content with a 40 inch but God wanted to give you MORE. Because that’s how God is. He wants to bless you more than you can imagine.” And then just like that it hit me. Though this was a personal revelation for the new season our family is walking through, I believe it’s also for our church. I’ve prayed about what God would have for wfa in 2020 and God just keeps bringing it back to me - DO NOT SETTLE. 


There are moments in our life that we are willing to settle for “okay” when God has BIGGER and BETTER for us. This is not only in reference to tangible, materialistic things, though I do know that God loves to bless His children; but God is ready for us to receive ALL that He has for each of us. GREATER (and FULL) healings - emotinoal and physical, GREATER callings, GREATER operation of gifts. This is not to make WFA better, but to advance2 His kingdom. We are NOT to settle, but rather to EMBRACE everything He desires to give us. BIGGER AND BETTER. 


Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory..”





The words I keep hearing for 2020 is "GO AHEAD."The word Go Means to "Travel" or “Move", it is an action word. The word Ahead means to "Advance in the future". I know there were some people who received promises in 2019 but they never acted or MOVED on their promise. The Lord says to GO AHEAD. The scripture "For the LORD will go before you, And the God of Israel will be your rear guard." Is 52:12. It is your chance to ACT on your promise. We have someone who went before us and someone who comes behind us. So what are we waiting for?





In the next season moving forward into the New Year, the parable of the wheat and Tares is upon us. We need a lot of wisdom and discernment. There is a difference between a sinful heart and an evil heart. The enemy has his children doing his bidding as well. There are wolves in sheep clothing…those that have a form of godliness but denying the power there of. We will see it clearly in 2020…the wheat (those who are mature in Christ, who live for Christ and bear much fruit for the kingdom of God) versus tares (those that look religious but are not true authentic Christians). It will be evident who is FOR Christ and who is ANTI-CHRIST! People get ready! Purify and cleanse your hearts for Jesus is returning for pure, spotless bride!! 





2020 it has been a 101 years since the last double digit year and it will be a 101 more before the next, if Jesus does not come first.


Scripture for 2019 that is still relevant for 2020. 1 Chronicles 12:32 from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command.


Key for 2020 “understand the time (time of an event or season, especially a God ordained season) and knew what Israel should do”. They knew what to do in that set time…that season! Also Issachar means “reward” Genesis 30:10 Leah said “God has rewarded me”.



I believe this is a unique season, an anointed and appointed time. It is a time of the Lord building his house and watching over his people, so that our labor can be the most rewarding we have experienced in years! 


I believe it is time to proclaim and see fulfilled a double blessing, double digits to be expected!


Scriptures that came to me; 

Amos 9:13.13 “The days are coming,” declares the Lord,

“when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman

    and the planter by the one treading grapes.

New wine will drip from the mountains

    and flow from all the hills,


Genesis 26:12.Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

*Isaac planted by faith and the famine ended in that season and he was rewarded with a mega harvest “because the Lord blessed him”.  


I believe it is a God appointed time and opportunity to keep in step with his appointment for each of us to co-labor with him. To hear what he says and say it. To see what he is doing and do it. To partner and take our place in the Father’s business. 


It’s time for each of us to take time to get a personal word (scripture/verse), vision or revelation for 2020. Then begin to partner in prayer, in acts of obedience, in faith, in expectation and in declarations. It’s a time to recognize and rejoice in the fulfillment and reward from the Lord. It’s a time to testify and share with the hungry heart and hearing ears.





I have been praying into 2020 and for the youth and our church.

 In 2020 you are going to see our youth grow, not in just numbers but grow in the charge that the Lord has on their lives, they are going to step into a bigger, greater, and more one on one personal relationship with him. They are going to make the abnormal normal, they are going to start a youth that is on fire like never before.

  You are going to see our church do and see things that we have never seen before, we are going to go into a deeper and different worship experience than we have ever been. He is going to change people to get them out of the comfortable to the not so more relying in his comfort zone.


We are going to see a change in our worship, God has someone to come and change and take us to a deeper more personal worship experience than we have ever been into before.




To the best I can understand this is what I believe the Lord is showing me for 2020!

On a personal level and for the church.


God is going to reveal more of His character to us – more of WHO HE is


I saw a bride walking down an isle adorned, radiantly approaching her groom.  But, instead of her face being veiled the groom’s face was veiled.


As she stood before her groom and lifted the veil there was such love and beauty

Peace and comfort

Compassion and forgiveness that flowed from the groom to His bride


I saw such acceptance and a desire to know HIM in a greater way – to grow with Him

Be instructed and led by Him because this is who she had been longing for.


I also saw a bride unveil her groom and his face was that of a wolf – full of anger, bitterness, resentment, and rage and hurt.  She was devastated and could not understand or believe this was her groom, the one she had been waiting for.


To the best I could understand this is what I believe I heard the Lord say, ‘you never took the time to seek out your groom, you just decided to take whatever came your way! You never took time to seek Me and spend time with me for yourself.  You always relied on others to tell you who I am and to show you and instruct you and give you guidance.’


I believe God is saying take the time to seek out My character and I will reveal to you WHO I truly am and who you truly are as the bride of Christ.  MY BRIDE!


Our groom individually and as a body will be who we take the time to seek out.  To ask the Lord for.  He desires to be the radiate Groom full of love and compassion.  He is saying our groom will be whoever we choose.



I saw a brook filling up with deeper waters. While Pastor was preaching tonight, I heard “Greater Rains bring Deeper Waters”. I feel like God is getting ready to bring deeper waters during worship at WFA in the new year




I see our church like drilling a well,we have taken time to drill(depending and putting faith in God) waiting with expectations and finally it happens the flow ( Holy Spirit) burst out of the ground and the outburst not only hits the one person drilling ,but all that is near will get the out burst .

Like drilling a well you have to continue on with faith and believe the best is yet to come .




I am with you, I am always with you, I have always been with you.  I am pleased that you seek me to direct your steps.  I have been faithfully directing your steps since you first belonged to me and before.  What may seem random to you at times is not random.  The steps that you make as you seek me are precisely joined together with my plans throughout the earth.  Just as the parts of the body work together to move and be individual and unique creations belonging to me,  so also the members of the body at WFA are each crucial to the complete work that I am working in the earth. Each one has a season to bloom.  Just as some plants on the earth have annual seasons and bloom in mass, while others bloom in different cycles and some may only bloom once. It is the same with each believer and each group of believers.  Your focus is not to be concerned about when or where you will bloom. Just know that you will bloom at the right time as you focus on me.  You won’t miss your time as you continue to seek me.  Know NOW that the blooming season is changing. I am BEGINNING to make changes to the blooming season now.  Some who may have never bloomed will suddenly put forth a magnificent fruit.  Some who have bloomed often, will suddenly produce a bumper crop of seed never seen before. Don’t limit me with low expectations.  Expect to see my hand at work in you and you will not be disappointed. Especially expect to see my hand at work in your brother and sister.  Your expectations will expand, and fruit that lasts will be yours. 

I intend to surprise and delight you as I work in your midst and as I am delighted with your praise and your worship of me.

Irene Arnold


Every prophetic voice seems to be declaring that 2020 is the year of the prophetic coming forth. 2019 was the “plowing year” to raise up intercessors and prepare the ground for harvest. 2020 has been declared the “hovering year”. Everywhere the Holy Spirit hovers, a birthing takes place. The Holy Spirit is hovering over the church waiting to birth prophetic voices who will begin to declare God’s Word over individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, states and nations. 


For many years the Lord has been calling His church to wake up and intercede for a mighty move of God. This year the cry is louder and there is a sense of urgency for God’s people to move out and begin sharing God’s promises with those around us. He wants to give us a new understanding of the critical but so often feared and avoided gift of prophecy. 


In Isaiah 1:18 God tells us to remind Him of His promises. We must begin declaring them out loud. He tells us in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word never returns void but it always accomplishes what it was sent forth to do. 


We must understand that there are many aspects of the prophetic. God has and is raising up prophets, but He is calling each of us to step up, live out and speak out as we begin to understand the importance of releasing His promises into the atmosphere. We move in the prophetic when we pray His Word or declare His Word out loud. 


The Father is asking us to dig deeper into His Word; to examine our own faith so we are able to stand strong when challenges come. The challenges of 2020 will be different from previous timees. Our faith must stand the testing ahead. 


Isaiah 7:9b “If you do not stand strong in your faith, you will not stand at all.”


This is the year of no compromise in our faith. It is a time of trusting God no matter what the circumstances around us might be. 2020 must be a year that we are so anchored in truth that nothing can shake us. Our eyes must stay focused on God’s faithfulness, His overwhelming, never ending love, and His mighty power to change the impossible to possible as we speak forth His Word. 


Just as Habakkuk declared in 3:17-19 that no matter what was happening in the natural world around him, he would “still celebrate because the Lord God saves me. The Lord gives me strength. He makes my feet as sure as those of a deer, and He heps me stand on the mountains.” (CEV)


God is calling each of us to be part of the “birthing” process by our words and actions. He has promised that signs and wonders will follow if we are willing to believe and declare His Word in our sphere of influence. 


August 25th, 2019 PM Service


2 TIM 1:6…Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. NKJV)


THE WORDS I HEARD WERE: Innovation, creativity and passion for Waycross, Ware County, Pierce County and our region.


We should have and  will have Godly businesses and workplace that are creative and innovative. Bussinesses and workplaces that refuse to be pressed into the box of world culture and conformity. 



ROM 12:2… And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..




THE WORD I HEARD WAS: A workplace where people enjoy their work and are made better because it’s under the influence of Jesus.


Local level, regional level and beyond - Kingdom success stories coming forth like those of Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby.


GET READY because the Lord is releasing an anointing TO DREAM.



Where WHAT IF became WHAT IS! Where dreams became reality by faith and faithfulness and favor!


It will take work, but it will also be a labor of love where people enjoy what they are doing.

We will be tested. Times will be hard, but the pressure produces character.


THE WORD I HEARD WAS: The gift of innovation and new levels to teach, train and equip in the church, in the workplace, in schools and in homes. Whereever the Lord has you.


Training and equiping being led by the Spirit. Our Attitude and excellence will raise others up!





THE WORD I HEARD WAS: Your age, gender, race, social or economic status is NOT your ceiling or your BONDAGE or EXCUSE! You are a Child of God - You are not to be a SETTLER. You are a STIRRER. Stir up the gift, grace and favor. 



THE WORD I HEARD WAS: You are a WARRIOUR, not a WHIMP. The enemy is a bully, a loudmouth. He is a bully like Goliath. David took one stone and killed him. David’s followers became giant slayers and you are followers of Jesus, the son of David - Who is the ROCK. YOUR ROCK. YOUR VICTORY. So don’t run from the battle - RUN TO IT! It is time to take out the bully in your life!


THE WORD I HEARD WAS: The Lord is releasing a new anointing, a Nehemiah anointing to restore what has been *devastated*  and desolate. The enemy has left the family tree in disgrace, but the Lord is releasing the new annointing to restore and rebuild in a season. What has been devastated, desolate or disgraced for generations, the Lord is annointing you to see the restoration in a short season. Family relationship, family dynamics will be transformed. Chaning the course of family history to HIS-STORY - He will work through your life, breaking the curse and releasing healings and 7 blessings. Your testimony will help transform others.


ALSO, some say “my family tree is dead!” But the Lord is the Lord of the resurrection. The first born from the dead!


STIR UP and now STEP UP!

Step up - you are not a settler. It is time to step up.


Better to stir up and step up than to give up!

Don’t give up - step up! It makes room for others to step up!


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