High Voltage Kids (Ages 4-12)

At High Voltage Kids' Church we know that God has so much more for our kids and wants to EMPOWER them to go out and reach others around them. 


High Voltage Kids meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for a great time of games, songs, Bible Stories and much more. 


Our Children's

Ministry is equipped with

several volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring that each child is in a safe environment where they can grow and learn more about God and His plan for their lives. 


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Roger Daniels

Cynthia Moye

Melissa King

Sonia Meadows

Cassandra Sapp

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Jesus not only TAUGHT us what we needed our lives to look like, but He SHOWED us. Your child has it in them to be a leader - and I believe that God is wanting to raise of a group of junior leaders who will make a difference in this world.


All kids ages 10-13 have the opportunity to become part of our 'Rise Up: Junior Leadership Program'. They will each be given weekly responsibilities and opportunities for them to help during our services. At home, each Junior Leader is required to read their Bible at least 3 times a week and write journal entries. God is ready to pour into our students, so they can go out and spread His good news but first they must be equipped. 


Dorothea Boatright

Children's Pastor

Children In Action is part of our High Voltage Ministry. Every month, the High Voltage Kids take part in a Service Project, whether it be a clothes drive or visiting shut ins. Our goal is to teach the kids the importance of being Jesus' hands and feet and allowing Him to use us to spread His love to others.