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Christian Benecke is a university campus missionary in Tampa, Fl. He has preached several times at WFA and we support him on a monthly basis. He and Beth have four beautiful children. In December of 2022 he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to the brain.

Without waiver, he has chosen to fight with all he has for his family.


Though he has insurance it does not cover all medical costs. He is receiving chemo and radiation treatment. When he is home between treatments he needs a full time nurse to care for him. 

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and full time nursing care are not covered by insurance.


First of all pray for a miracle! Second financial support to help in this season. You can give online or at church. Please designate “Cornerstone or Christian Benecke” when giving.

What can you do?



Thank you so much for praying for Christian and his family. His hyperbaric oxygen treatment is going well. Christian said a word for the first time in seven months this week! We are believing that this is just the beginning. He is beginning to respond by shaking his head yes or no much more frequently as well. He will have a follow up brain MRI during the beginning of December. Please be praying for the following:

  • That Christian would not have any active cancer in his body.

  • That the hyperbaric treatment would continue to be effective at restoring the parts of Christian's brain that were damaged by the radiation.

  • That when he has his followup MRI there would be no new tumors and that the existing ones would be smaller than before. 

  • That he would continue to make progress with physical therapy, and that his posture would return to normal.

  • That Christian's cough would subside and that he will not have any lung or chest irritation.

  • For Christian to regain his speech and muscle control.


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