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Christian Benecke is a university campus missionary in Tampa, Fl. He has preached several times at WFA and we support him on a monthly basis. He and Beth have four beautiful children. In December of 2022 he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to the brain.

Without waiver, he has chosen to fight with all he has for his family.


Though he has insurance it does not cover all medical costs. He is receiving chemo and radiation treatment. When he is home between treatments he needs a full time nurse to care for him. 

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and full time nursing care are not covered by insurance.


First of all pray for a miracle! Second financial support to help in this season. You can give online or at church. Please designate “Cornerstone or Christian Benecke” when giving.

What can you do?



Thank you for praying for Christian and his family. The results of Christian's CT scan came back and showed that the primary tumor in his left lung has remained stable in size and there were no new tumors detected. His doctors are recommending radiation to the lung lesion as the next course of treatment. The next step is for Christian to have a radiation mapping appointment to determine the number of treatments he will need. Please be praying that his doctor will have a clear path to radiate the tumor in as few sessions as possible. 


His CT scan also showed some fluid in his right lung. This is likely from a respiratory infection, or from not taking deep breaths. Christian will also be having another appointment with his neurologist this coming week. Please be praying for the following:


  • That Christian would be completely healed of this cancer and all cancer cells would be eradicated from his body.

  • That Christian's doctor will have a clear path to radiate the tumor in his lung in as few sessions as possible. 

  • That the fluid would clear out of his right lung, and that he will be able to take deep breaths to fully inflate his lungs.

  • That his neurologist would have wisdom to propose new therapies or treatment suggestions to help expedite the return of his cognitive and muscular functions.

  • That his brain would be able to function normally and his speech and motor skills would return.

  • For grace to find alternative forms of treatment that are effective at destroying small cell cancer.

  • Pray against any resistance in the spirit to Christian being healed.

  • That Christian won't have any more seizures going forward.

  • For the Holy Spirit to comfort and give peace to the family. For the Lord to encourage Christian and Beth and give them joyfulness in their hearts (Prov 17:22). For Beth and the kids to experience peace, grace, and strength in the Holy Spirit.


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